Front and Center

Change For The Better

_how online courses can help impoverished students around the world

20 April 2015 12:55 pm by Kevin Bonilla Online courses have created opportunities for disadvantaged students around the world. The ability to connect with high-level educators through a smartphone or tablet has enabled these students to earn a degree, without taking on the financial burden of a college tuition. Here are a couple of more ways in which online education can help impoverished students:

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The Best In Modern Education

_making education engaging, accessible, and free: TED-Ed + EdX

17 April 2015 2:26 pm by Nico Piacentini TED-Ed and EdX are leading the way for advancements in education. These nonprofits are shining examples of providing easier access to quality education.

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The Future of Ed-Tech

_predicting future trends in education technology

16 April 2015 3:03 pm by Kevin Bonilla Education technology is constantly evolving, as the needs of our educators and students continue to change. Keeping an eye on possible trends that may occur over the next couple of years is important to ensure that your institution remain ahead of the curve.

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Millions Strong and Not Crowded

_events that beg for online crowds

15 April 2015 5:27 pm by Nico Piacentini Imagine attending an event with more than a million others, but it's not crowded. You already have and it was online. These are some events that beg for online audiences.

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Connect and Concentrate

_helpful tips to keep students concentrated in an online class

14 April 2015 12:43 pm by Oyku Dikmen Making a personal connection with students can help keep online students concentrated in the course.

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Different Types Of Learners

_3 types of learners you will encounter in your online course, and how to teach them

13 April 2015 3:16 pm by Kevin Bonilla Here are some brief tips on how to identify and teach the 3 main types of learners you will encounter in your online course.

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