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Increasing Creativity

_how to encourage creativity in your online course

10 April 2015 2:27 pm by Kevin Bonilla Creativity is driven by independent and experiential thought. Students should be encouraged to think “outside the box,” develop ideas, and ask questions that fuel new conversations.

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Vlogging vs. Videocasting

_engaging an audience with video

9 April 2015 11:32 am by Nico Piacentini Vlogs are recruiting large audiences at a fast pace. The ability to engage with video has been the key ingredient, but it can get better with the live interactions of videocast.

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Competency Based Learning

_online learning could help redefine competency

8 April 2015 5:53 pm by Oyku Dikmen Many would agree that online learning confronts the traditional rules of regular classrooms. Making education matter to students and to public should also go through a transformation regarding the way that the system works.

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The Small Business Guide To Online Training

_how small businesses can take advantage of online training

7 April 2015 2:28 pm by Kevin Bonilla Online training has opened the door for small businesses to train their employees in an efficient and cost effective manner. Here are some quick tips on how to take advantage of online training.

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Onboarding and Beyond

_training overtime leads to a greater ROI

6 April 2015 1:05 pm by Nico Piacentini Many businesses don't spend enough time on their new hires. Organizations that invest time and education into their employees overtime find a greater ROI from their new hires.

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Tracking Student Comprehension

_3 things to pay attention to when measuring online student comprehension

2 April 2015 3:29 pm by Kevin Bonilla For an online class to be successful, it's crucial that the professor keep track of student comprehension. Here are three critical components to watch that will help you understand exactly why students are performing the way they are.

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