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Old Values New Education

_reasons to consider the value of online learning

1 April 2015 12:55 pm by Nico Piacentini More than ever students are considering the options available to them in education. The bad reputation of online education is being washed away by waves of serious improvements and advantages.

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Ineffective Training

_3 major signs of an ineffective training program

31 March 2015 4:40 pm by Kevin Bonilla Identifying all of the possible issues plaguing a corporate training program can be difficult. To help you out, we have decided to share some major flaws to look out for when conducting your evaluation.

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Making Online Education Legitimate

_ensure the creditability of online education with these 3 checkpoints

27 March 2015 5:33 pm by Nico Piacentini Online education is everywhere for just about anything. Use these tips to make sure that you are getting the credit you deserve from these courses.

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Misusing Content

_why it's important to diversify online course content

26 March 2015 1:53 pm by Kevin Bonilla Course content is often misused by online professors who fail to maximize its true potential. Until it's implemented in an effective manner, students remain impartial to it.

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How Big Data Aids Education

_6 ways analytics can improve the educational experience

25 March 2015 4:35 pm by Nico Piacentini The data available to the educators of today is unprecedented. These are six quick ways that data will influence education as a whole.

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Student Perspective: Why Online Learning Rocks

_6 reasons students love learning online

24 March 2015 2:14 pm by Oyku Dikmen Take a step into the students' perspective of why online learning is both enjoyable and beneficial to future careers.

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