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Projecting The Future Of Education

_how education will evolve over the next 10 years

23 March 2015 7:00 am by Kevin Bonilla Education will undergo some major changes within the next decade or so. In order to avoid becoming obsolete, educators must adapt to the new environment, and master the blended learning approach to education.

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Will Students Remember You?

_how to build meaningful relationships with your online students

18 March 2015 5:00 pm by Kevin Bonilla Making personal connections in an online classroom can be challenging. Here are 4 tips from newrow_.

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Quality Corporate Training

_5 companies that saw the payback

17 March 2015 3:30 pm by Nico Piacentini By focusing on improvement + leadership development, these 5 companies saw the payback from quality training big time.

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The Video Classroom + Student Engagement

_how the video classroom architecture affects student engagement

16 March 2015 7:26 pm by Oyku Dikmen The set-up of a video classroom can be drastically different than a physical classroom. Learn 3 ways this affects student engagement.

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_students need a personal connection to stay engaged

13 March 2015 11:28 am by Margaret Amisano newrow_ surveyed 200 students about the challenges they face in an online class -- and what they really need to stay focused.

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Training Millenials

_4 reasons experiential training is key for millenials

12 March 2015 2:56 pm by Kevin Bonilla This generation of learners has different expectations and demands when it comes to professional development.

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