Amplifying Audience Reach & Engagement via Live Video Streaming

Driving Your Audience to Appointment-Viewing Events

_Amplifying Audience Reach & Engagement via Live Video Streaming

28 Sep 16 by Sean C McGill

With millions of viewers watching Live Video Streaming content on a daily basis, brands and agencies either have an existing Live Video marketing strategy to reach these viewers or are in the process of deploying one ASAP!!!

But, with exponentially more Live Video Streaming content available each and every day, how do you reach your target audience, provide compelling and engaging content to keep viewers “tuned-in,” and continue to expand your audience reach in the ever-growing Live Video Streaming content world?

Here are some strategies you can integrate within your existing Live Video Streaming practices, or use as baseline elements if you are developing a Live Video Streaming practice:

Driving Your Audience to Appointment-Viewing Events-Live Video Streaming content strategists fully understand the days of “Live Stream it and they will come” are long gone. With a deluge of Live Video Streaming content available to viewers on a variety of online platforms, it’s imperative to utilize existing social media channels, email lists and paid media to notify and drive your target audience to your Live Video Streaming event. Which brings us to…

Organic has real value, but-A quick review of a brand’s social media channels will often reveal thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of fans/friends/followers. This existing audience base provides brands with the opportunity to reach already-passionate brand-advocate viewers with Live Video Streaming content. But, relying exclusively upon an existing “organic” audience base for viewership limits the potential reach of your Live Video content. A targeted, paid media campaign will help not only expand the reach of your Live Video Streaming audience, but will also expose a new audience base to your organization’s live, dynamic and interactive video content.

Content Distribution Strategy-With the evolution of Live Video Streaming content within many existing social media platforms, brands now have the opportunity to reach their target audience via a multitude of channels. Advancements in Live Video Streaming applications via Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram and other online media channels continue to expand each and every month. But, similar to the limitations of “organic” outreach efforts to drive audiences to your Live Video Streaming events, organizations should utilize a content-distribution strategy that includes a variety of channels (host Web sites, third-party media sites, Live Video Streaming hubs, etc.) in which they can expand audience reach. The basic rule of Live Video Streaming content distribution is go where your viewers are consuming content. A combination of organic audience reach channels and targeted paid media distribution of your Live Video Streaming content will net the best results.

Engage Your Audience-The key advantages of the tenets of Live Video Streaming are often the most neglected. Live Video Streaming content provides organizations with the ability to actively engage with the viewing audience to create a fully-interactive and shared experience. Yet, many brands don’t embrace and even ignore the interactive opportunities to engage the viewing audience. Social media integration, live chat, and remote viewing participation are great ways to create a unique viewing experience for the audience and allow your viewers to actively participate and even influence the content they are watching in real-time. And, the interactivity from your live audience provides meaningful feedback you can use for future audience- outreach efforts.

“Streamer-metrics”-With average views times of 6X that of recorded video content, Live Video Streaming content provides brands with an incredible opportunity to truly engage with the target audience over an extended period of time. Converting passive viewers to active brand advocates is where the “rubber hits the road” for brand marketers. Integrating & evaluating the success of specific calls-to-action within the Live Video Streaming content, analyzing average view times & peak viewership periods, reviewing geographic and the demographic make-up of your audience will identify what worked and what needs work for your next event. Utilizing those insightful data points and metrics will help you develop future Live Video Streaming event content and advance your viewer re-targeting strategy.

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