4 Ways To Boost Energy Levels In The Office.

How To Keep Energy Up In The Office!

_4 ways to boost energy levels in the office

03 Aug 15 by Kevin Bonilla

As 3 o’clock rolls around, the glazed-over looks begin to take over, and energy levels drop. While this time of day may seem all too familiar, free coffee is not the only way to battle the mid-afternoon slump. There are many non-caffeinated solutions that can cure the low-energy plague, and influence employee performances for the better. Here are 5 tips to keep your employees fully charged!

Engage them in training

One important way to boost employee energy levels is by optimizing their training. Offering development opportunities often leads to a more committed and motivated staff down the road.  If training is engaging, employees will become more excited to work, and actually look forward to their work experience rather than lamenting it.

Free time should still have a purpose

Every employee needs a break throughout the workday. However, offering break time should not necessarily translate to ‘doing nothing.’ Instead, plan special projects or workshops so that employees can be engaged or entertained in a new way. Variety is key to keeping employees on their toes. Even employee lunches and gatherings after work will give them something to look forward to, in addition to building camaraderie.

Provide feedback and encouragement

Recognition is key. Providing consistent feedback on good work will reinforce positive attitudes, and inspire employees to continue working.  Workers tend to sink into the dullness of the afternoon if they sense that their boss is not around to supervise or motivate them.  Acknowledgment is also a fundamental human need, so keep that in mind next time an employee hands in his/her report!

Curate industry news and trends

Always encourage employees to continue their learning. Curating new material that is relevant to your workforce can help with engagement and gives workers the opportunity to gain knowledge about something that could potentially further their careers. Industry news and trends are also a great way to keep an eye on competition, and inspire creativity amongst active employees.


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