5 Ways to Keep Your Students Engaged (From A Student’s Perspective).

Student Perspective

_5 ways to keep your students engaged (from a student’s perspective)

28 Jun 16 by Kevin Bonilla

To all the professors experiencing glazed over looks and phone screens in laps, there is hope! Today, distractions lurk around every corner and can seriously impact learning. Whether it is a smartphone loaded with social media apps or a laptop “intended for class notes,” the list of distractions seems endless. There are however, a few simple ways to keep your students engaged.

Engage yourself

If you seem interested in what you’re talking about, chances are your classes will show more interest as well. When teachers are overtly passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter, students will be more inclined to at least listen for the sake of the teacher, if not the material.

 Be a good public speaker

 Maybe this is easier said than done, but you can spark interest solely with the way you vocalize lessons, even if the material is somewhat dry. When you speak with meaning and purpose, your students can tell. It is much easier to pay attention when a professor is not simply reading information, but rather conveying demonstratively.

Present information in multiple formats

Learning styles vary from student to student. By covering material through different mediums, students will not only have more options in terms of comprehension, but it will also keep the course fresh. Coming to class everyday to view the same PowerPoint’s is both monotonous and boring to say the least. Educators should take advantage of the abundance of teaching styles and technologies that can help their student’s excel.

 Get the class involved

 Ask questions, create in-class activities, and keep your students on their toes. Simply lecturing is not enough for younger generations to stay focused. Instead, these students crave involvement and constant feedback.

 Relate learning to current events

 By making classes relevant not only to recent news stories, but also to everyday life, students will see the value in the lectures and retain lessons more naturally. Traditional lectures definitely have their own set of benefits, but incorporating an applicable aspect can bring your teaching to the next level.


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