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19.05.15 - Three Tips for Designing Second-screen-friendly Training Programs

Corporate trainers are tapping into second screens during training to boost engagement and interest by tapping into interactive functions. While it seems like a simple addition, it can have a profound impact on maintaining employee attention and increasing overall engagement through active learning elements. newrow_ COO Dan Merritts outlines three tips for designing second-screen-friendly training programs. Read the full article in Learning Solutions Magazine.

07.05.15 - It’s Teacher Appreciation Week: Show Your Online Educators Some Love!

Often with all the technology that has been created over the last 5 years, many technology companies have forgotten the most important part of anyone’s education: teachers. Teachers matter. No matter how great the technology or its promise, teachers are the ones that still make education personal. newrow_ COO Dan Merritts gives the top 5 reasons to honor online educators as #GameChangers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Read the full article in Edudemic.

01.05.15 - Creating a ‘Generation Connected’ Workplace

This generation's preference for a collaborative, digitally-driven work environment is causing a shift in workplace training that supports a mobile-first and flexible program. newrow_ CEO Rony Zarom outlines three essential componenets for training leaders to consider in order to design and activate progressive learning programs that attract, recruit and retain this hyperdigital generation. Read the full article in Workforce Magazine.

20.03.15 - Gen Z: Coming to an Internship Near You

Generation Z - the population born after 1995 - is proving to be more educated, connected, and sophisticated than any of its predecessors. They're also extremely ambitious in preparing for their careers and taking on internships earlier in the game. To recruit and retain this talent, newrow_ CEO Rony Zarom gives 3 tips to create an internship program that speaks to their values and entrepreneurial spirit. Read the full article in Entrepreneur.

11.03.15 - This is how the Jetsons would study

newrow_ recently launched live, video study rooms within its video classroom, allowing students to self-initiate and actively learn through peer-to-peer discussions. By starting their webcams, using text chat, and sharing resources in real time, it’s as if students are collaborating in the same room together, at any time. This improves knowledge retention, group project performance, and overall learning engagement online. Read the full article + see a video of the new features on eCampus News.

11.03.15 - Training Tips from The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad

The TV industry has capitalized on second-screen engagement when it comes to fans of shows like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. Rather than passively consuming content, viewers are increasingly using their mobile devices to access supplementary content or applications. The same idea can be applied by corporate learning and training professionals to support employee instruction and increase engagement. newrow_ CEO Rony Zarom outlines three benefits that the second screen provides online corporate training programs. Read the full article in Learning Solutions Magazine.

08.03.15 - 4 Ways to Engage Digitally Distracted Students

Online learning programs now have more than 5 million students enrolled in at least one digital course. With this growth in demand for digital learning comes new challenges for educators and administrators -- a main one being how to keep students focused on the lesson at hand and not carried away with digital distractions. Rony Zarom, CEO of newrow_, presents four ways to increase online student engagement. Read the full article in EdSurge.

06.03.15 - 4 Ways to Turn Distracted Students into Engaged Learners

Online learning is critical to the future of education, but an alarming number of students say they're losing focus due to online distractions. While there's no "one-size-fits-all" approach to solving this problem, there's an opportunity for educators to identify which digital features students are drawn to and mimic them in the online classroom. newrow_ CEO Rony Zarom gives four ways to set up your online learning approach for success. Read the full article on Edudemic.

26.02.15 - Flipping Training: Going Digital for Better Learning Outcomes

Millenials and Generation Z -- collectively known as Generation C --  is a mobile-first, on-the-go generation that not only has different learning styles, but different demands when it comes to corporate training and professional development. newrow_ CEO Rony Zarom outlines how to flip training and go digital to create an eLearning environment that Gen C will thrive in. Read the full article on Learning Solutions Magazine's website.

03.02.15 - newrow_ Corporate Training APIs Extend Reach of Workforce Education Platforms to Mobile

newrow_ has launched its newrow_ for training live video Application Program Interfaces (APIs), which allow organizations to connect with employees, partners, or customers face-to-face on mobile devices, intranets, or custom business applications through their existing training management systems. Read the full release on the Learning Solutions Magazine website.

26.01.15 - Is this the online learning model of the future?

Flex class options have been found to be the learning preference of Millenials and Gen Z -- collectively known as Gen C -- which give them the flexibility to join classes in-person or online. Rony Zarom, newrow_ CEO, gives three tips for implementing a flex class program. Read the full article on eCampus News.

23.01.15 - Paul Oakenfold goes Solo at Sundance

Music legend Paul Oakenfold has partnered with LineRocket Entertainment, Amplive and newrow_ to create "SOLO," an interactive live music series that will feature performances by top EDM artists every Friday night, live-streamed through newrow_. Fans are able to chat live with their favorite artists face-to-face via webcam and interact in real-time using chat and Twitter. Read the full post on StreamDaily.

17.01.15 - Digitally Distracted: 3 Secrets To Keeping Your Millennial Workforce Engaged

The Millenial generation interacts and engages differently in the workplace. newrow_ CEO Rony Zarom reveals three tips to better engage, attract, onboard, and retain the generation that's projected to make up 75 percent of the U.S. work force by 2025. Read the full article on

08.01.15 - Cool Tool | newrow_

newrow_ was featured as a Cool Tool in edtech digest after recently launching the first education mobile app that allows 25 students and instructors to interact face-to-face via webcam. Students are kept engaged in class with interactive tools such as on-screen file annotations, moderated text chat, and access recorded sessions for on-demand review with newrow_ for education. Read the full post here.

12.11.14 - newrow_ Reinvents the Classroom Experience

newrow_ for education is redefining how instructors reach students, by allowing them to engage face-to-face online in a way that replicates the physical classroom. Dan Merrits, EVP of Marketing for newrow_, sat down with Dr. Rod Berger of Core of Education. Visit their website to watch the full interview!

11.11.14 - newrow_ Powers HP Show and Tech

Thousands of HP fans took a seat front and center in the newrow_ to view live demonstrations of new products and ask questions live with their webcams. HP Show and Tech is an ongoing interactive ecommerce show hosted on This series of shows featured the new HP Stream 11 laptop. Get the full story on our blog.

29.10.14 - newrow_ Presents at the OLC International Conference

newrow_ hosted a presentation featuring Jeffrey Goetz of Wesleyan University at the annual OLC International Conference held in Orlando, FL. Online education experts from top universities contributed to a panel discussion that begged the question "What is Success in Online Learning?" View the entire conversation here!

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29.10.14 - Watchitoo Rebrands as newrow_

newrow_ for education extends synchronous mobile video learning to leading LMS Offerings, improving engagement for instructors and students. Click here for the full release.