HP was in need of a way to reach the large audience of Walmart shoppers as a complement to their in-store promotions. With any important purchase, shoppers need personalized answers to questions about certain products before buying. Deploying HP personnel to each Walmart store requires a lots of coordination and training, and is often cost-prohibitive. HP needed a better way to reach shoppers.


HP looked to  newrow_ for events as a potential solution. By embedding it directly into Walmart.com, HP was able to make an existing shopping channel come to life with a live ecommerce shopping show. This gave HP the opportunity to consistently reach consumers across the United States while still providing the same personal level of interaction that would be provided with an in-store promotion. Questions were answered instantly on the show in a fun, engaging way that kept viewers tuned in.


In-stream clickable widgets were used as an easy call-to-action that enabled consumers to buy HP products directly through Walmart.com. By including special web-only promotions, consumers were not only able to learn what product was right for them, but they were also able to buy it at the right price, right away.


This also gave HP critical consumer insight as they gauged questions and feedback from viewers during the event. In addition to promoting sales and brand engagement, it also provided real-time insights from a large-scale focus group that helped further refine HP’s approach to the market.


_42% live viewer interaction 

During its events, an average of 42% of viewers actively engaged in each broadcast using interactive tools, including text chat, questions, and participating in the social stream.

_15 million social impressions

By promoting #HPShowandTech, the series drew 15 million impressions across its Facebook and Twitter channels from December 2013 to November 2014.

_425,000 viewers

Over the course of two pilots and five episodes spanning from December 2013 to November 2014, the HP Show and Tech series amassed 425,000 viewers with an additional 80,000 unique shoppers watching on-demand videos and content throughout the year.

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